William Dean: My Life In The City

William Dean is the author of an earlier book called The Pedestrian Revolution, which until recently I hadn’t heard of. A lawyer and lifelong Manhattanite, son of a White Russian émigré, he has an obvious affinity for the city, which doesn’t surprise me, as Europeans usually prefer walkable cities.

This book discusses some likeable traits of Manhattan, such as the museums, restaurants, parks, and general sights and sounds. But I must confess myself disappointed; the book doesn’t measure up to what it really could have been. Dean has been living in New York City all his life, and that means he was here in the 1950’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond. So how have things changed, Mr. Dean? Who was your favorite New York Mayor? Do you have any crazy stories, or maybe we could hear you reminisce about the eccentric characters of the city? What did you think of Rudy Giuliani?

William Dean could have made this book a lot more fun, so perhaps we’ll see another one in the future. Maybe in this one he can discuss how The Pedestrian Revolution came true?


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